January 17, 1950 (Tuesday)


Notes for Tuesday January 17, 1950

The impression has been made that in May 1949 Mao supported the idea of an immediate strike against the South. Observations of additional council which Kim Il Sung sought from the Soviet leader on 12 September 1949 and 17 January 1950 indicate that is not completely right.

It turned out what Mao Zedong had said was that in the near future an advance into the South would be inadvisable. He clarified this by stating that the situation was not advantageous for that goal at this time, as the Chinese Communists were still tied down by their struggle with the forces of Chiang Kai-shek, and thus could not provide decisive aid to the North Koreans. He advised them to wait until that moment in time when the Kuomintang army was destroyed and China was in the power of the Chinese Communist Party.