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February 1, 1950 (Wednesday)




On March 31, 1949 the Fahy Commission applied a formula to determine the number of Negroes that would be allowed in the Army. At that time the Army had a strength of 611,400 men, and assessing the number of men from seventeen to thirty-four years old in the national population, the committee projected a total of 65,565 Negroes in the Army, close to 10 percent of the Army's strength. Without a quota it was estimated that between 15 and 20 percent of the Army would soon be black. To validate that estimate, the Air Force had no quota restrictions during the last quarter of 1949 and that had resulted in 16.4 percent of all enlistments for that period.

Some form of a quota system was required. The Army had said"

"the Negro strength of the Army must be restricted and that the population ratio is the most equitable method [of] limitation."

On 14 December 1949 the Army suggested that those blacks scoring 100 on the general classification test (GCT), would be accepted, without further qualification and those scoring below 100 would be accepted until the total Negro population approached 10 percent, then enlistments would be curtailed.

While this was attractive to the committee because it would provide for the enlistment of qualified men at the expense of the less able, the proposal was nevertheless rejected today because it still insisted upon a racial quota. [note]


Concerned that both the Russians and the Chinese have recognized the Ho Chi Minh's "Democratic Republic of Vietnam" there is speculation on how long the French can maintain their position in Indochina. It varies from six (6) months to one (1) year depending on how aggressive the Chinese are. But regardless, it looks like the French are on their way out.

CIA believes that the USSR has show its hand, and its intention to force France out thereby leaving Thailand, Burma, Malaya and Indonesia, wide open for communist mischief. The domino theory had not yet been used to describe the contemplated communist take over of all of south east Asia.

The United States and the United Kingdom both plan to recognize the French-sponsored Bao Dai regime later this month. [note]

Notes for Wednesday February 1, 1950





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