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February 3, 1950 (Friday)




Todays daily summary speaks of US Ambassador David K. E. Bruce in Paris, said that Alexandre Parodi, Secretary of the French Foreign Office, is very worried about what is happening in Vietnam and fears Chinese intervention.


The CIA added that while the Chinese may supply materials, they did not think they would send troops. [note]

Then in the weekly summary, they speculate as to why the Russians walked out of the UN, apparently using "reverse logic" they state:

The walkout, although ostensibly designed to force the early unseating of Nationalist delegates, may actually have delayed the shift to Communist Chinese representation in the UN.

And continue with the "on the one hand" but "on the other hand" logic, recognizing the Ho government:

is primarily aimed at fostering revolutionary activity in Southeast Asia, this action may also be parts of the Soviet effort to minimize contacts between China and the West.


They speak of the "United States of Indonesia" which came into being when the Netherlands formally transferred sovereignty of the Dutch East Indies on 27 December 1949 following a four year conflict. The government there is trying to remain neutral.

Near the Chinese border in the Burmese hill state of Kengtung, Chinese "Communist" freebooters are creating enough trouble to arouse some apprehension in Rangoon.


Notes for Friday February 3, 1950




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