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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


February 7, 1950 (Tuesday)



Today David K. Niles wrote a letter to the President warning:

that the racial imbalance which had for so long frustrated equal treatment and opportunity for Negroes in the Army would continue despite the Army's new assignment policy unless the Army was able to raise the quality of its black enlistees.

Back in 1943, Congressman Fred Bradley accused Niles of having Communist connections, and later he was linked to the KGB. [note]

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CVA 42 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt


P2V with JTO

In a demonstration of carrier long-range attack capabilities, a P2V-3C Neptune, with Commander Thomas Robinson in command, took off from Franklin D. Roosevelt off Jacksonville, Fla., and flew over Charleston, S.C., the Bahamas, the Panama Canal, up the coast of Central America and over Mexico to land next day at the Municipal Airport, San Francisco, Calif. The flight, which covered 5,060 miles in 25 hours, 59 minutes, was the longest ever made from a carrier deck. [note]

Notes for Monday February 6, 1950





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