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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

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February 10, 1950 (Friday)


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The CIA Weekly Summary suggests that because of the Soviet and Chinese recognition of Ho Chi Minh, the French populace appears to support the French Government (René Pleven). However, they are at their military limit. If China supplies any support, material or men, the French will require additional assistance, from the United States.

In view of the East/West cold war, the French should be expected to request additional help from both the United Kingdom and the United States. [note]

As far as I can tell René Pleven is in charge today. France tends to change governments ever few months.

René Pleven 29 October 1949 12 July 1950
Jules Moch 12 July 1950 11 August 1951
Georges Bidault 11 August 1951 8 March 1952
René Pleven 8 March 1952 19 June 1954


Notes for Friday February 10, 1950




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