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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

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February 15, 1950 (Wednesday)




After ordering 595 aircraft yesterday, today the PLAAF order another 628 from the USSR. For a total at this point of 1,223 aircraft. [none]

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In Moscow today the treaty that was signed yesterday is today made public. This "peace and universal security" agreement states that in the event either country is attacked, one will come to the aid of the other:

"a state which indirectly or directly unites with Japan in acts of aggression," or where "important international questions touching on the mutual interests of the Soviet Union and China exist."


The United States believes this to indicate should Formosa be attacked by China, and if the US were to intervene and come to Chiang Kai-shek's defense, Russia would come to China's aid. [note] Remember last month truman's administration distanced themselves from both Korea and Formosa because no one wanted a land-war in Asia.

Notes for Wednesday February 15, 1950