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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

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February 17, 1950 (Friday)





Today Mao, Zhou and party departed Moscow, with a treaty in hand of which Mao said"

It is plain to see that the unity of the people of the two great countries, China and the Soviet Union, solidified by the alliance treaty, will be permanent and inviolable, and one which cannot be put asunder by anyone. Moreover, this unity will not only influence the prosperity of these two great countries, China and the Soviet Union, but will surely affect the future of humanity and the triumph of peace and justice all over the world.[59]

And Zhou Enlai said:

"these treaties and agreements made the Chinese people feel that they were no longer isolated." To the contrary, "they were now much stronger than ever before."[60]

Was the possibility of a war in Korea discussed? According to Nikita Khruchshev's 1970 memoirs he relates the visit of both China's and North Korea's leadership and says:

For many years we insisted that the initiative for starting the Korean War came from South Korea....I'm telling the truth now for the sake of history: it was the initiative of Comrade Kim Il-sung, and it was supported by Stalin and many others -- in fact, by everybody.[62]






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