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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

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February 24, 1950 (Friday)



The CIA Weekly Summary speaks to the treaty between the USSR and China. Given what was released publically, and the feeling that it should not have taken two weeks to work out, they assume there is also a secret protocol. They speculate the secret agreement may include the following"

(1) Soviet assistance to the Chinese Communist ground and naval forces and their embryonic air force;
(2) Soviet access to Chinese naval and air bases;
(3) the "joint" development of such bases using Soviet equipment and technicians;
(4) the exchange of military and technical personnel; and
(5) the dispatch of a Soviet military mission to China.

With special attention given to a Chinese Air Arm.


Sinkiang or Xinjiang Provence

They believe there was an economic aspect to the agreement as well. Everything from trading concessions, to providing advisers and technicians and the development of the province of Sinkiang are suggested.

The CIA anticipates eventual disagreements between the two because of the history the USSR has had with it other European Satellites countries that have been procided USSR credit. Everything from over valuing the good they sell to China, to making the Chinese pay for any advisors and or technicians they provide, and other over charging practices


Notes for Thursday February 22, 1950





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