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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


February 28, 1950 (Tuesday)




Today Director of Personnel and Administration (D/PA) recommended that the Army retain the racial quota at least for all Negroes scoring below 110 on the classification test.


Secretary Gray, aware that the Army's arguments would not move the committee, was sure that the President did not want to see a spectacular and precipitous rise in the Army's black strength. He decided on a personal appeal to the Commander in Chief. [note]


The CIA produced a 13 page report on Greece today. It addressed the following:

  1. Military Situation

  2. Political Situation

  3. Economic Situation

  4. International

  5. Probable future developments

You can view the full report by clicking here. As yesterdays Life Magazine demonstrates, a lot was going on in the world, both in Europe and the Near East and the Far East. [note]



Notes for Thursday February 22, 1950






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