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April 4, 1950 (Tuesday)



It was pointed out, however, that before BuAer could proceed with the proposal, the Commandant would have to withdraw his previously submitted requirement for the 13- to 15-man helicopter as well as his support for the XH16, both of which were seen as receiving favorable consideration . In matters of financing, the diversion of the remaining XH16 Navy research and development funds was also viewed as meeting with CNO approval provided the Navy could be persuaded to terminate its support of the XH16 project . [27]



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The following week, the Navy's Air Readiness Division revised the operational requirements for an assault helicopter of the type specified in General Cates' letter of 12 January to reflect the recommendation of the conference of 28 March and transmitted it to BuAer for action. The specifications were contained in the Navy Research and Development Plan, Operational Requirement Number AO17501 (Rotary Wing Assault Helicopter). The listed requirements were :

"develop a rotary wing assault craft capable o f transporting combat equipped troops (or the equivalent in combat equipment) from transport vessels to beachheads in support of landing operations.. ."


"that 20 combat equipped troop s be transported with the weight of each man computed at 225 pounds."

The assigned functions in AO17501 for the helicopter were to

"operate from a CVE or larger carrier, or between carrier s and suitable equipped transport ships, carrying assault troops with their initial requirements in supply, communications and organic weapons... ." [28]

Two of the main features listed were that it be multi-engine equipped and of an overall dimension compatible with movement on the elevator of the CVE105 class carrier. Although the operational requirement did not assign a model designation, the twin-engine assault helicopter would subsequently bear the Sikorsky S56 trademark and the Navy designation of XHR2S1* [H-19B]."

* Operational Requirement Number AO17501 (Rotary Wing Assault Helicopter) may he referred to here - after in the text as the XHR2S1.


Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw





Notes for Tuesday April 4, 1950