Korean Climate

Mean Temp 13.5°C  56.3°F at Taegu     

Heavy Overcast

1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


April 15, 1950 (Saturday)



Army Policy

According to "POLICY AND DIRECTION: THE FIRST YEAR" the Office of Special Investigations, USAF, told Headquarters, Far East Air Forces, about now in mid-April that Russia had definitely ordered an attack on South Korea by the North Korean People's Army.

We are reminded that Charles Willoughby, G-2 on March 10th had said "there will be no civil war in Korea this spring or summer."





Another KMAG program approved by the Department of the Army involved sending thirty-three Korean officers to Japan as observers with Eighth U.S. Army units. The purpose of this program was to provide Korean officers with an opportunity to observe over a period of time the administrative and training methods employed by American units. In this way they could see for themselves the results of thorough planning, correct staff procedures, good leadership, and proper training methods, all of which had been stressed by KMAG advisors.


[Considering the lack of training at EUSA, this wasn't a good idea, was it? abt]


For control the group of thirty-three officers was divided into four teams, each consisting of three infantry officers, and one officer each from the artillery, engineer, medical, ordnance, and signal branches, with one team having an extra infantry officer. Thus organized, one team was attached to each of the four U.S. divisions in Japan. The group arrived in Yokohama on 15 April 1950 and was scheduled to remain away for three months. Still another KMAG plan called for sending twenty-eight Korean officers to attend U.S. service schools in Japan, but the Department of the Army had not given its permission by 25 June 1950.[54]



Notes for Friday April 15, 1950