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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


April 19, 1950 (Wednesday)


Robert Abercrombie Lovett

Assistant secretary for Air, Robert A. Lovett had tried to resign in September 1945, and Truman had refused, but he finally made it back home in December, only to be recalled to serve with General George Marshall as under secretary of state in July 1947. In January this year, he went back to his investment business but we will see him again, and soon.


James Ewin Webb

on 28 January 1949 James E. Webb was appointed under secretary of state, to Dean Acheson.


Frank Pace Jr.

After a stent at Justice and the Post Office, Frank Pace, Jr., had replaced Webb as budget director and as such had assisted Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson in cutting the military.


Gordon Gray

Today Pace was replacing Gordon Gray as Secretary of the Army and at 37 years of age, would continue the policy to trim the military.

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Notes for Wednesday April 19, 1950