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April 27, 1950 (Thursday)



Still disenchanted with the progress of the helicopter program, the Marine Corps Board at Quantico submitted yet another report to the Commandant on 27 April 1950. This was the second report on the same subject in less than 10 months and was again signed by Major General Oliver P. Smith, the Assistant Commandant, as Chairman .

The board reviewed the progress made since the helicopter program was initiated in 1946–1947 and was concerned about the trend of events that had taken place over the past years, and, in particular, the last year. Cited as a typical example of the delays encountered in the helicopter program was the recommendation made by the recent joint helicopter conference to "revert to the drawing board" for an assault helicopter rather than recommending procurement of an existing type which would come closest to meeting Marine Corps requirements. In summary, it was stated that the Marine Corps transport helicopter program faced two distinct problems.


First, " a lack of availability or even prospects of availability in the immediate future of a new and modern helicopter with increased operating capabilities."

Secondly, an ever increasing maintenance and availability problem with existing [aging] helicopters " in HMX–1. In stating the recommendations for solving the primary problem, the board stressed "the standard approach to this problem of implementing the transport helicopter program has failed. It is apparent that drastic action on the part of the Marine Corps is the only remaining recourse available." General Smith's report went on to say that "strong representation must be made to the CNO to obtain sufficient funds to implement this program. Unless these funds are made available now and a new helicopter is developed soon, 1953–1954 will arrive finding the Marine Corps again without operational transport helicopter squadrons ." [29]

29. Chairman Marine Corps Board ltr to CMC, dtd 27Apr50, Subj : Report on project .




As a solution to solving temporarily the second problem, the board recommended, as an interim measure, that "an urgent effort be made to obtain all HRP–1's now in existence for the Marine Corps. With these additional helicopters it is felt that HMX–1 can continue its efforts towards the practical development of air tactics and techniques.. ." while awaiting the new assault transport helicopter. [30]



The first twin rotor helicopter, McDonnell's, XHJD-1 was evaluated by the Navy from 1944 through 1951, but never went into production.

Remember that it was General Alexander A. Vandegrift CMC who on June 16, 1946 initiated the helicopter program, and now four years later, there still existed no aircraft capable to lifting a Marine squad, to the battle field.


Notes for Thursday April 27, 1950