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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

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May 12, 1950 (Friday)

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General Smith's report received immediate action and formed the basis for a letter from General Cates to the CNO, Admiral Sherman. The letter, written on 12 May 1950, stressed the urgency of obtaining new and adequate equipment for the Marine Corps to cope with the manifest threat of the atomic bomb to the conventional ship-to-shore movement.



"The HRP," the Commandant said, "has never been considered as a service type helicopter, but rather a means to develop the techniques and tactics of this new art. The Marine Corps is now at the crossroads. It possesses the knowledge but not the means to apply this knowledge. If the art of amphibious warfare is to be pursued, adequate means must be provided."

To stress his point further, General Cates said,

"The Marine Corps is effectively curtailed from performing this new concept in amphibious assault by one factor—the lack of suitable helicopters ."

Finally, Admiral Sherman was requested to take urgent action on these points, primarily to: raise the priority for the XHR2S–1 from its presently CNO-assigned status of 1C to 1B, and additionally,

"to see that experimental helicopters be procured and evaluated with a view to procuring two 15-plane assault soon as possible." [31]


Notes for Friday May 12, 1950