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1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


May 13, 1950 (Saturday)




Today MacArthur protested the redeployment of the 19th BW and the 31st PRS to the states on economy grounds. He said they were not taking into account the explosive nature of his area of command, and that the loss of the bomber wing would severely limit his offensive capabilities.

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General of the Army Douglas MacArthur LtGen Curtis E. LeMay

After negotiations, MacArthur agreed to the proposal of Lt. Gen. Curtis E. LeMay, Commanding General of SAC , that the 31st Reconnaissance Squadron be returned to SAC for refitting and extended training, while LeMay would maintain six RB-29's in FEAF on sixty day rotational duty.





Notes for Saturday May 13, 1950