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May 18, 1950 (Thursday)


Cyrus Leo Sulzberger of the New York Times, today asked General MacArthur his opinion of the governments containment policy in Asia. Sulzberger said:

"He smiled and said he was astonished to hear me refer to an American policy."

Given that Dean Acheson would go to Europe eleven times and never go to the Pacific, one could infer the same thing from the facts. To which MacArthur also inferred:

"under no circumstances would the United States engage in the military defense of the Korean peninsula."





A page later in William Manchester's biography, MacArthur is said to have told Sulzberger:

"You have got to remember that war at the beginning was a sort of gladiatorial contest. You might start with the basis of the fight between David and Goliath."

Professional units replaced individual contestants, he continued, and then the concept of peace treaties emerged, to safeguard victories. "However," he said, "as the world became more closely integrated and war became a more total concept involving every man, woman and child, and as destruction became so terribly great, war has ceased to be a medium for the settling of quarrels. The opinion of the masses . . . is against it."


"I don't believe that war is imminent because the people of the world would neither desire it nor would they be willing to permit it. That goes for both sides. That is the basic reason for my belief that war is not upon the doorstep."


Notes for Thursday May 18, 1950