Korean Climate

Mean Temp 17.2°C  62.96°F at Taegu       

Heavy Overcast

1950 Pacific Typhoon Season

Korea Temps - 1950-1953 - Station 143 (Daegu)


May 19, 1950 (Friday)

A little communist propaganda: A Statement by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, July 4,1950 follows:

One month before the present developments in Korea, on May 19, 1950, Mr. Johnson, chief American administrator of aid to Korea, told the American Congress House of Representatives' Appropriations Committee that 100,000 officers and men of the South Korean Army, equipped with American weapons and trained by the American Military Mission, bad completed their preparations and could begin war at any time.

It is known that only a few days before the Korean events, the United States Defense Secretary, Mr. Johnson, the Chief of the General Staff of the United States Armed Forces, General Bradley, and the State Department adviser, Mr. Dulles, arrived in Japan and had special conferences with General MacArthur, and that afterwards Mr. Dulles visited South Korea and went to frontier areas on the 38th Parallel.


Notes for Friday May 19, 1950