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US Air Force in Korea

On the morning of 28 June the southward drifting polar weather front stood over the airfields on Kyushu, but the Fifth Air Force had to fly, weather or no weather. Into the murky dawn from Itazuke Lt. Bryce Poe II took off alone in his RF-80A to reconnoiter and photograph the vanguard of the NKPA. Terminal weather at Itazuke was the "foulest imaginable," but Poe found target weather in Korea to be clearing, and he accomplished a successful mission-the first reconnaissance sortie of the Korean war and the first USAF combat jet reconnaissance sortie of all time.#89

The tactical weather report that Poe brought back was encouraging. If pilots could get airborne and then, at the completion of their missions, get back down through the low-lying clouds for safe landings, they could fly strikes to Korea.