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At Lake Success it was clear that seven votes-the required majority-favored armed assistance to the Republic of Korea. but the Security Council had been holding up a vote until the delegates from India and Egypt could obtain instructions from their home governments. Finally, in the evening hours [9PM 2100 2100+1400=3500-2400=1300] of 27 June, the Security Council waited no longer, but adopted by a vote of seven in favor and one (Yugoslavia) opposed a resolution which recommended that "the Members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel armed attack and restore international peace and security in the area.#77 Once again the Soviet delegate, who could have vetoed the resolution, did not attend the meeting of the Security Council.

[That tells me, they wanted the UN to intervene.
They just stood down from the Berlin air-lift, but had set off an A-bomb, they were tweaking Truman's nose]


Mustangs headed for an early dawn mission.

24 U.S. Air Force in Korea

5. Battle for the Han River Line