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When the 24th Division was driven from Ch'ŏnan on 8 July Generals Partridge and Timberlake redoubled their efforts to base Mustang fighters in Korea. "One F-51 adequately supported and fought from Taegu Airfield," stated General Timberlake, "is equivalent to four F-80's based on Kyushu.#68

This statement was not caused by dissatisfaction with the F-80's, but it represented an appreciation of the fact that the Mustangs, for example, could carry napalm, the jellied gasoline incendiary which was equally versatile against troops or tanks.#69

On 8 July General Timberlake named Taegu as the destination of the "Dallas" squadron, which the Thirteenth Air Force was forming from a nucleus provided by the 12th Fighter-Bomber Squadron.