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July 22
A regimental force of North Koreans retakes Yŏngdök. American and British warships continue to shell the town.

-- The U.S. Air Force claims that attacks on NKPA supply lines have drastically slowed the flow of supplies south. However, it will be another month before NKPA forces in the south are seriously affected.

-- Carrier planes attack oil depots and knock out bridges on both sides of the 38th Parallel.

-- DoD information reveals that $48.7 billion dollars has been spent by all the U.S. armed forces since July 1946. However, most of that amount was for demobilization, mothballing and general upkeep rather than beefing up the military. The figure does not include $4 billion spent by the Air Force for new planes since 1947, which so far have not been delivered. The Army had 1.8 million soldiers on Pearl Harbor Day compared to 600,000 now. Factories were producing 2,000 planes a month then and only 200 now.


-- The 1950 census shows the U.S. population is 150,520,198, a growth of almost 19 million since 1940.