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At a conference with Stratemeyer on 22 July General MacArthur approved the creation of a FEC Target Selection Committee, and he further agreed that the first duty of the new committee would be to devise a sound interdiction program which would sever the flow of reinforcements and supplies to the Communist forces in South Korea. Generals Hickey, Willoughby, and Weyland were named members of the committee, and Admiral Joy was asked to designate a Navy member.#59

Stratemeyer diary, 22 July 1950;

Weyland journal, 22 July 1950. .

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Admiral Joy, however, did not care to name a member to the committee. He explained that the Seventh Fleet would perform "hit-and-run" general and close air-support strikes in Korea under FEAF's coordination control, but the Seventh Fleet's primary mission was to defend Formosa.

Any decision to commit the Seventh Fleet's air-striking power to Korea was a matter which had to be carefully considered in the light of hostile threats to Formosa, and Admiral Joy thought that General MacArthur should make these decisions personally.#60

#60 Msg. ComNavFE to CINCFE, 230736Z July 1950 1536K