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The 1st Cavalry Division's first PIR was dated 6:00 PM July 22 and reported only one minor contact by an 8th Cavalry Regiment patrol with a NKPA patrol in the previous 24 hours. Division aerial observers, however, reported large numbers of refugees moving east towards Yŏngdong.

The PIR warned that based on recent engagements,

"it is expected [that the] enemy has large remaining forces."

Five possible enemy courses of action against the division were listed:

1) Attack the 5th Cavalry Regiment with elements of 2-3 divisions;

2) Envelop one or both flanks of the 8th Cavalry Regiment;

3) Attack the left flank of the division;

4) Defend current positions with current forces;

5) Reinforce current units and execute any of the preceding four options.

The PIR advised that the most likely enemy course of action adopted the first two options, attacking both the 5th and 8th Cavalry Regiments concurrently. The next most likely course of action involved an attack on the division's left flank. 32
Headquarters 1st Cavalry Division (Infantry), Periodic Intelligence Report #1, 1800 22 July 1950 , 1st Cavalry Division, Cavalry Divisions 1940-1967, Box 45, RG 338, NARA.