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The 27th Infantry's Baptism of Fire

En route to that place it received still other orders to change its destination to Hwanggan, and it closed there in an assembly area the night of 22-23 July. General Walker had begun the quick and improvised shifting of troops to meet emergencies that was to characterize his defense of the Pusan Perimeter. The 27th Infantry's mission at Hwanggan was to relieve the decimated ROK troops retreating down the Poŭn road. [12-45]

In carrying out Eighth Army's orders to block the Poŭn road, Colonel Michaelis assigned the 1st Battalion of the 27th Infantry the task of making contact with the enemy.

On the morning of 23 July, Lt. Col. Gilbert J. Check moved the 1st Battalion northward toward Poŭn from the Hwanggan assembly area.