3rd Rescue Squadron
Korean War Operations
23 July 1950
At 1118/K the Flight received a call from ADCC that a Mayday was 30 miles out on a heading of 265.

At 1126/K the Mayday faded and the SB-17 which was orbiting in the area was requested to investigate. The Mayday, a C-47, was reported to have landed at Pusan. Total false alerts for this date was two (2).

The second alert occured during the first alert at 1120/K. Another Mayday about 2 miles out from Ashiya. This Mayday landed safely at 1140/K.

Meanwhile, Flight "C", was again alerted for another evacuation at 1000/K. A dependent wife, suffering from possible premature childbirth, needed evacuation to the Station Hospital at Sendai, (38 20' N - 139 55' E). An SB-17 was dispatched on this mission, being airborne at 1210/K and arriving at Matsushima at 1335/K. As there wasn't any addition to the passenger list the mission was deemed successful.