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On 30 July Doyle closed TF 90 operations at P'ohang-Dong. The operation had gone perfectly, excepting only that the second echelon of shipping had been delayed by two days by Typhoon Grace.

In the event, little air support had been required. However, that outcome had not been (and could not have been) known prior to the landing, and the back-and-forth among senior naval commanders had revealed an underlying theme in amphibious operations. It demonstrated the same conflicting imperatives that had characterized amphibious operations since Guadalcanal—the fast-carrier admirals were reluctant to tie down their forces to amphibious objective areas or to take direction from amphibious commanders (escort carriers to supply air support would not be available until later).


Admiral Doyle, the amphibious commander in the P'ohang-Dong case, found no problems in the command relationships established for it; Struble, however, the carrier admiral, intended to see that things were different for the next amphibious operation.