Close Support Operations - Ground Attack
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On 30 July a flight of F-80's with rockets and machine guns blazing, destroyed eight artillery pieces and a number of vehicles two miles northeast of Hwanggan, and when, on this same mission, a MOSQUITO spotted some 2,000 enemy troops southeast of Yŏngdong, other fighters were called in to work them over.

In managing his retreat southward, General Walker relied heavily upon the maneuverability of air power. He commonly outlined the next day's work at either an evening or early morning staff conference which was attended by Fifth Air Force commanders. If the tide of battle changed during the day, air power moved to some other spot where it was needed.

Early in August, Walker wrote that Fifth Air Force pilots had:

given all-out support of our efforts and all of our troops including ROK forces are high in their regard for the support sorties, which have averaged 340 fighter bombers a day in the past 10 days . . . They have destroyed enemy tanks that had penetrated our lines . . . Their effort has been of tremendous value to our forces and has saved many, many lives of our infantry troops.