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Movement of additional tactical organizations to Korea awaited the reequipment of those units with F-51's from the United States. The aircraft carrier USS Boxer (CV-21), which managed an eight-day crossing of the Pacific, brought 145 F-51's which had been assembled for delivery by 27 July. General Stratemeyer had already prepared to use these F-51's when on 11 July he had approved a plan to move the 18th Fighter-Bomber Group with its 12th and 67th Squadrons from the Philippines for temporary duty with the Fifth Air Force.

By 30 July this contingent had converted to F-51's at Johnson,

and on 3 August it had reached Taegu, where, next day, the 51st Fighter Squadron (P) was returned to its old designation as the 12th Squadron. With the arrival of a fighter group, the air base unit at Taegu was redesignated and expanded to become the 6002nd Fighter Wing, Single Engine, comprising temporary duty squadrons typical of a wing organization.