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Recognizing that effective air-ground operations against the Communist enemy depended upon the establishment of mutual trust between the tactical air force and the field army, General Partridge made conscientious efforts to cultivate close relations with the Eighth Army.

Partridge and his key staff members attended the morning staff meetings which General Walker held at eight o'clock. At these morning conferences Walker explained what his forces were expected to do during the day, and Partridge issued such additional orders for immediate air missions as were necessary to support the ground actions.

General Partridge invited Walker and his key officers to attend the Fifth Air Force planning session which met each evening at six o'clock. At this meeting Partridge customarily ordered the air missions which would be written up on operations orders for execution the following day.

While the Joint Operations Center continued to handle immediate changes in the allocation of airpower, the headquarters relationships insured that airpower operated as a unified force where it was most needed by the ground troops. Thus on 30 July General Walker asked Partridge to concentrate all available air strikes in the Chinju area.