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August 19, 1950

On Pihak-san, a 2,400-foot rugged peak six miles due north of Kigye, the 12th Division reorganized. In this reorganization, the 766th Independent Regiment lost its identity, its troops being distributed among the three regiments of the 12th Division.

After incorporating 2,000 replacements and the approximately 1,500 men of the 766th Independent Regiment, the division reportedly totaled about 5,000 men. This figure shows the severe casualties suffered thus far in the war by this division, originally composed mostly of CCF veterans. Though morale was low there was little desertion. [18-32]

In these battles attending the withdrawal of the North Koreans from the vicinity of P'ohang-dong, the ROK Capital Division by 19 August had advanced to a point two miles north of Kigye, the [ROK] 3rd Division entered P'ohang-dong, and Task Force Min reached a point a mile and a half north of the town.