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The 162nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (NP) was sent to the theater in order to provide Fifth Air Force some form of night reconnaissance. Alerted at Langley Air Force Base on 5 July, and hurriedly filled to near peacetime strength (a part of the fillers were jet mechanics with little experience on the squadron's conventional RB-26's), it was shipped to Itazuke where the ground echelon arrived on 19 August. Meanwhile, the air crews had moved to Ogden, Utah for depot installation of flash cartridge equipment on their RB-26's, only to find that but 10 of the squadron's 16 planes could be modified for the new equipment. Then the flash equipment was pronounced too heavy for the old B-26's on the long over-water flight to Japan and was removed to be crated for air shipment. At Fairfield-Suisun, California, the equipment was diverted to water shipment for some reason, so that it was not until 26 August, 53 days after the alert at Langley, that the 162nd Squadron was finally ready and equipped for its first mission. The squadron moved to Taegu on 8 October.