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Mindful of its impending commitments for mounting an airborne operation and for providing additional air transport between Japan and Korea, FEAF had been making preparations for an expanded air-transport establishment during August. As FEAF planners attacked the problem of the airborne operation some complications were imminent since both the paratroopers and the troop-carrier units were in the United States.

The 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team was being organized at Camp Campbell, Kentucky, and the 314th troop Carrier Group was at Sewart Air Force Base, Tennessee. USAF signaled that the 314th Group would be available to FEAF any time after 15 August with 64 Flying Boxcar C-119's, a number of the new-type transports sufficient to lift 2,700 paratroopers. #25

Soon, however, the Department of Army notified USAF that the 187th would require simultaneous airlift for 3,500 paratroopers and their heavy equipment. Such a task as this posed a requirement for 140 C-119's, or their equivalents. USAF agreed to augment the strength of the 314th Group to 96 aircraft, but it stated that FEAF would have to meet the remainder of the requirement.#26