19500000 cv45

Period 15 August to 21 August


15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21


Task Force 77 departed from Sasebo at 1742K, 15 August.

This time the route taken was for the east coast of Korea, The next two days were spent off the east coast with operations the first day south of 38*N and the second day north of the 38*N In the south,, bridges and supply dumps were hit; in the north, industrial targets, rail facilities and coastal shipping were attacked.

The ship fueled again on 18 August and took station off the west coast for operations on 19 August.

For this day's operations, the most important target was the railroad bridge at Sŏul. The bridge was knocked out but at a heavy price.


CDR R. M. Vogel, Commander Air Group ELEVEN was killed leading the attack.

 Again on the 20th, the scene of action moved to the north- west where rail facilities and warehouses were attacked from Sinanju to P'yŏngyang to Habsong. (See Elastic Bridge)

The third pilot of the operation, ENS C. L. Sixt, USN, was lost this day.

On the 21st, the Task Force again moored in Sasebo to replenish.