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The  3rd Battalion, 5th Marines then spent a relatively quiet night on the slope before grabbing the summit of Hill 311 the next morning.

The actions of the 5th Marines were noteworthy. The vaunted In Min Gun got its first real taste of defeat at the Naktong Bulge. This time it was the Communists who were bugging out as they scurried back across the Naktong River on 18 August. Their retreat became a rout that turned into a slaughter when Marine supporting arms caught the disorganized enemy in the open. Air strikes, artillery, and mortars pummeled the hapless North Koreans as they raced for safety.

The next day was devoted to clearing out bypassed pockets of the enemy and combing the hills for NKPA wounded. The First Battle of the Naktong cost the Marines 66 dead, 278 wounded, and 1 missing, but the NKPA 4th Division had been decisively defeated and was no longer combat effective.