19500819 0900 AP

19 August 1950


By 19 August, the regiment had been built up to nearly 4,000 officers and men and was undergoing intensive training. [09-46] Arrangements progressed ahead of the original schedule and General MacArthur was told that the 187th RCT would be at the port of embarkation by 12 September. He again objected that in order to accomplish his planned operation he would have to have the unit and its required airlift in Japan by 10 September.

But General Ridgway, himself an airborne officer, opposed any stepped-up shipment of the airborne RCT. He advised General Collins, after studying General MacArthur's objections,

 ". . . I think the only justification for compliance would be a situation so desperate that the addition of an RCT as a straight infantry outfit was necessary to save the situation. It does not appear to me that such is the case."

General MacArthur's objections were overruled and, in [13-16] mid-August, he was told not to expect the airborne troops in time for his landing operation. [09-47] 19500825 0900