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"Private First Class Luther H. Story, A Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, became the ninth Medal of Honor of the Korean War. After bearing off several banzai attacks by a large enemy force, A Company was in danger of being cut off and surrounded. PFC Story, a weapons squad leader, has just moved his men to a position overlooking the Naktong River when he observed a large group of North Koreans crossing. Seizing a machinegun from his wounded gunner, he fired on the column, killing or wounding an estimated 100 of the enemy. As his company was withdrawing, he spotted an enemy truck loaded with troops and towing an ammunition trailer. Shouting a warning, the stood in the middle of the road throwing grenades into the truck, renewing this attack after replenishing his grenade supply. When the company was forced to deploy in a rice paddy when struck by a large North Korean force, PFC Story disregarded wounds to rally the men about him and repel the attack. Realizing his wounds would slow the withdrawal of his comrades, he remained behind to cover them. When last seen alive he was firing every weapon available fighting off another hostile assault."