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"Sergeant First Class Charles W. Turner, 2nd Reconnaissance Company, 2nd Infantry Division, earned the tenth Medal of Honor of the Korean War. When a large enemy force attacked his platoon, SFC Turner, a section leader, quickly organized his unit for defense. Observing that the attack was directed at the tank section 100 yards away, he dashed through a hail of fire, mounted one of the tanks, and manned the exposed turret machinegun. Although under intense fire, he delivered effective deadly fire on the enemy, pointing out targets for the tanks 75mm main gun, and destroyed seven enemy machinegun nests despite several wounds. Ignoring the more than fifty direct hits on the tank that shot away the periscopes and antenna and struck the machinegun mount three times, he continued to man his weapon until a burst of fire killed him. His action enabled his company to regroup and successfully counterattack."