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Altogether, during August, 11,115 officer and enlisted replacements arrived in Korea from Japan and the United States. [21-15] The United Nations Command had a supported strength in Korea on 1 September 1950 of nearly 180,000 men, according to figures available at the time. The major organizations reported their personnel strengths as follows:

  Total 179,929
eusa U.S. Eighth Army 78,762
2nd Infantry Division 17,498
24th Infantry Division 14,739
25th Infantry Division 15,007
1st Cavalry Division 14,703
ROK Army 91,696
 1st Provisional Marine Brigade 4,290
27th British Infantry Brigade British 27th Infantry Brigade 1,578
 Fifth Air Force 3,603

Available for aerial action over Korea and naval action in the waters around it there must be counted an additional 33,651 men in the Far East Air Forces, 330 men of the Royal Australian Air Force, and 36,389 men in the U.S. Naval Forces, Far East. [21-16]