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The Battle of Yŏngsan

On the morning of 1 September the 1st and 2nd Regiments of the N.K. 9th Division (the 3d Regiment had been left at Inch'ŏn), in their first offensive of the war, stood only a few miles short of Yŏngsan after a successful river crossing and penetration of the American line. At that point the chances of the division accomplishing its assigned mission must have looked favorable to its commanding general, Pak Kyo Sam.

As the N.K. 9th Division approached Yŏngsan, its 1st Regiment was on the north and its 2nd Regiment on the south. The division's attached support, consisting of one 76-mm. artillery battalion from the I Corps, an antiaircraft battalion of artillery, two tank battalions of the 16th Armored Brigade, and a battalion of artillery from the 4th Division, gave it unusual weapon support. Crossing the river behind it came the 4th Division, a greatly weakened organization, far under strength, short of weapons, and made up mostly of untrained replacements. A captured enemy document referred to this grouping of units that attacked from the Sinban-ni area into the Naktong Bulge as "the main force" of I Corps. Elements of the 9th Division reached the hills just west of Yŏngsan during the afternoon of 1 September. [24-10]