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On 30 August, General Smith had sent a dispatch to X Corps requesting that the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade in Korea be released from Eighth Army on 1 September to prepare for mounting out for Inch'ŏn.

MacArthur ordered that the Marine brigade be available on 4 September for that purpose.

But  no sooner was this order issued [released from Eighth Army] than it was rescinded on 1 September because of the crisis that faced Eighth Army after the great North Korean attack had rolled up the southern front during the night. [25-22]

Eighth Army's use of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade in the battle near Yŏngsan threatened to disrupt the Inch'ŏn landing according to Marine and Navy opinion. A tug of war now ensued between General Smith, supported by the U.S. Naval Forces, Far East, on the one hand and General Walker on the other for control of the 5th Marines.

The Marine commander insisted he must have the 5th Marines if he were to make the Inch'ŏn landing. General Walker in a telephone conversation with General Almond said in effect,

"If I lose the 5th Marine Regiment I will not be responsible for the safety of the front."

Division Sholder Patch  

Almond sided with Walker despite the fact that he was to be commander of the Inch'ŏn landing force, taking the view that the X Corps could succeed in its plan without the regiment. He suggested that the 32nd Infantry Regiment of the 7th Division be attached to the 1st Marine Division as its second assault regiment. General Smith and NAVFE remained adamant.