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When Gilbert Check reached  Art Champeny's  CP near Masan, the scene, as described by the Army historian, was "chaotic":


Vehicles of all descriptions, loaded with soldiers, were moving down the road to the rear. Many soldiers on foot were on the road.  Col. Champeny  [9-sic] tried repeatedly but in vain to get these men to halt. The few enemy mortar shells falling occasionally in the vicinity did no damage except to cause the troops of the 24th Infantry and intermingled South Koreans to scatter and increase their speed to the rear. The road was so clogged with this frightened, demoralized human traffic that Colonel Check had to delay his counterattack. In the six hours he waited at this point, Check observed that none of the retreating troops of the 1/24 and 2/24 battalions, 24th Infantry, could be assembled as units.[9-14]

The counterattack by Check, supported by Throckmorton's 5th Regiment, temporarily closed the hole in the 24th's line and inflicted heavy casualties on the NKPA. Champeny, Roberts, Miller, and Check rounded up the 1/24 and 2/24 and put them back in the line, but almost immediately, the Army historian wrote, the units gave way again. In the ensuing debacle Walker authorized Kean to commit George De Chow's 3/27 to assist Check. Utterly exasperated, Kean, writing that the 24th Infantry was "untrustworthy and incapable of carrying out missions expected of an infantry regiment," urged Walker to disband the outfit and reassign its troops as fillers in the white regiments. But Walker was not willing to commence formal integration in Eighth Army or lose yet another numbered regiment.[9-15]