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Immediately to the north of the 24th Infantry sector, powerful elements of both the NKPA 6th and 7th divisions struck Hank Fisher's 35th Infantry, deployed along the much fought over "north road." Fisher was ready. Like the 5th and 27th regiments, his 35th was combat hardened. Recently it, too, had been brought to full strength by the addition of the other Okinawa battalion, the 1/29 (redesignated 3/35), now commanded by a World War II veteran, Robert L. Woolfolk III, thirty-five.[9-21]

Thousands of NKPA troops swarmed at Fisher's positions. In an awesome display of courage, tenacity, and battlefield skill, the 1/35 under Bernard Teeters, the 2/35 under John Wilkin, and Woolfolk's 3/35 held steady on their positions, inflicting an appalling slaughter on the NKPA. However, when an attached ROK element gave way, 3,000 of the enemy went around Fisher's flanks and isolated the 35th.[9-22]


When Kean heard that Fisher was surrounded and cut off, he urgently requested authority to commit the remaining battalion of the Wolfhounds. Maddeningly, Eighth Army headquarters refused. Believing Walker had not been apprised of the gravity of the situation, Kean ignored the refusal and, on his own authority, ordered Gordon Murch's 2/27 forward. Later, again on his own authority, Kean diverted George De Chow's 3/27 from Corley's 24th sector to assist in the rescue mission.[9-23]

Backed by tanks and unusually effective FEAF close air support, Murch and De Chow broke through the swarms of NKPA to Fisher's perimeter. They found him coolly manning his CP. "I never intended to withdraw," Hank Fisher said laconically; "there was no place to go." Thereafter, while he remained on his perimeter positions, Murch and De Chow, soon joined by Check's 1/27, savaged the NKPA in Fisher's rear, killing no fewer than 2,000.[9-24]

By these timely and aggressive actions, Kean's 25th Division not only repulsed but virtually destroyed the NKPA 6th and 7th divisions. Much of the credit was due Kean for overriding Eighth Army's obtuse orders to hold the Wolfhounds in reserve. Throckmorton and Fisher were credited for outstanding work in holding firm on the division flanks; in particular, Fisher won a DSC, and the 35th was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation. The publicity again went to Michaelis's Fire Brigade, first for closing the hole in the 24th Infantry, secondly for cracking through to Fisher's perimeter, thirdly for the savage slaughter inflicted on the NKPA in Fisher's rear. The publicity was not undeserved.