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According to agreements between the U.S. Army and the USAF Air Force undertaken in 1946, the Army was supposed to manage the interpretation and quantity reproduction of photography flown for it by the Air Force.

The Joint Training Directive for Air-Ground Operations provided that a Joint Photo Center, located at the reconnaissance airfield, would comprise on the air side a reconnaissance technical squadron and on the ground side an engineer photographic reproduction and distribution organization and Army photo interpreter teams.

Once the Air Force developed, titled, and made five prints of each negative on photography requested by the Army, the Army photo interpreters were expected to provide necessary interpretation and the engineer organization was supposed to reproduce desired quantities of the photographs and deliver them to ground units.[10]


#10 C/Army Field Forces and CG Tac. Air Comd., Joint Training Directive for Air-Ground Operations, 1 Sept. 1950, par. 138.


Eighth Army knew its responsibilities but was unable to secure any photographic Technicians until February 951and then it received only 86 men who were organized into interrupter and reproduction detachments.

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(I don't know now, but I think this is were the USAF crys about how it could not do even and close to adequate job of photo recon for the Army.  The 1 July 1951 info about Polifka does not appear to be in my file at this time....