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Activation of the 3d Marine

Aircraft Wing


While the Tactics and Techniques Board was involved in laying out the future helicopter program, other planning had been underway for the mobilization of Marine forces to meet the demands of the Korean situation. Included in the overall buildup was the activation of the 3d Marine Air - craft Wing and the 3d Marine Division. The reduction of forces put into effect after World War I I had left the Marine Corps with only two active Marine aircraft wings and divisions. The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing was located on the West Coast at MCAS, El Toro, California, and the 2nd Wing was stationed at MCAS, Cherry Point, North Carolina, on the East Coast. For reasons of economy and availability of air base facilities and airfield complexes, the plan for the 3d Wing placed it also on the East Coast at a former naval air station at Miami, Florida. Planning called for the formation and commissioning of three additional helicopter squadrons in the 3d Wing at the Miami base.[61]

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