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In view of General Shepherd ' s statement pertaining to the helicopter in Korea, Brigadier General Clayton C. Jerome, who relieved Major General Wallace as the Director of Aviation on 1 September 1950, sent a memorandum to Admiral Cassady in which he included General Shepherd' s statement. General Jerome said

"this emphasizes the [remark] I made the other day in connection with the requirements for helicopters, more helicopters, and more helicopters in the Korea Area. " [12]
12. Jerome memo .

Major General Lamson-Scribner recalled the period :
Just prior to the receipt of General Shepherd's letter, General Jerome and I attended a conference [at] which Admiral Cassady, was chairman of the Navy Aircraft Procurement Program for Fiscal 51.The program was for only a relatively few helicopters. We insisted that we needed more than programmed for purchase. Admiral Mel Pride, Chief of BuAir, remarked in essence `If you know as little about helicopters as we do you would not get into one .' Admiral Cassady said , `Mel, the Marines want them. Make some changes in the program to provide more helicopters for the Marines .' [13]

General Jerome's memo was only the latest of many attempts to convince the Department of the Navy to increase the Marine Corps ' inventory of aircraft for the Korean buildup.



On 19 July, General Cates submitted a request to the Secretary of the Navy for an additional four Marine fighter squadrons in an effort to increase the total to 12 .




13. MajGen F. H. Lamson-Scribner (Ret.) ltr to Dir MCHist&Mus, dtd 23Mar75.Comment file, "Developmental History of the Helicopter in the USMC 1946 1962."