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In the effort to acquire reliable information Army personnel who had served in Inch'ŏn were rounded up and quizzed, photographic missions were laid on, the Air Force flew some photo interpreters out from the United States, and on 1 September a naval officer, Lieutenant Eugene F. Clark, was put ashore with two interpreters, a radio, and some small arms on the friendly-held island of Yŏnghŭng Do, 15 miles below Inch'ŏn.

          In the meantime, and on the basis of such intelligence as was available, the work of the planners continued. On his arrival in Tokyo Admiral Struble was briefed by Doyle’s staff on the problems of Inch'ŏn, issued orders for concurrent planning, and undertook to give oral decisions as needed as the work went on. The flagship USS Rochester (CA-124), on her arrival, was berthed alongside USS Mount McKinley (AGC-7) to keep the staffs in close proximity.