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As the enemy attack developed during the night, [early morning] Colonel Hutchin succeeded in withdrawing a large part of the battalion, less C Company, to his command post just north of Lake U-p'o and the hills there covering the northern road into Ch'angnyŏng, three miles east of the river and five air miles west of the town. B Company lost heavily in this action.

When word of Colonel Hutchin's plight and of the disaster that had overtaken C Company reached regimental headquarters, Colonel Freeman obtained the release of G and F Companies from 2nd Division reserve and sent the former to help Hutchin and the latter on the southern road toward Pugong-ni and C Company. Maj. Lloyd K. Jensen, executive officer of the 2nd Battalion, accompanied F Company down the Pugong-ni road.

This force was unable to reach C Company, but Major Jensen collected stragglers from it and seized high ground astride this main approach to Ch'angnyŏng near Ponch'o-ri above Lake Samor-ho, and went into a defensive position there.