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Unexpectedly, the ROK police companies near the ferry scattered at the first enemy fire. Half an hour after midnight enemy troops streamed through this hole in the line, some turning left to take G Company in flank and rear, and others turning right to attack C Company, which was on a spur of ground west of the Kŏmam-ni road.

 The I&R Platoon and elements of C and D Companies formed a defense line along the dike at the north edge of Kŏmam-ni where tanks joined them at daybreak.

But the enemy did not drive for the Kŏmam-ni road fork four miles south of the river as Colonel Fisher expected him to do; instead, he turned east into the hills behind Fisher's 2d Battalion. [23-12]

[23-12] The Distinguished Unit Citation was awarded the 35th Infantry Regiment for action on 11 September 1950. Supporting Docs, AG files. 25th Div WD. 1 Sep 50; EUSAK WD, G-3 Jnl, 0120 1 Sep 50; 2d Bn, 35th Inf, Narr of Act, 31 Aug-1 Sep 50; 35th Inf WD, 31 Aug 50; I&R Plat Unit Hist, 1 Sep 50; Interv, author with Fisher, 5 Jan 52.