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General Walker's Decisions on 1 September

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At daybreak of 1 September, General Keiser at 2nd Division headquarters in Muan-ni, seven air miles east of Yŏngsan on the Miryang road, knew that his division was in the midst of a crisis.

A massive enemy attack was in progress and had made deep penetrations everywhere in his sector except in the north in the zone of the 38th Infantry. The N.K. 9th Division had effected major crossings of the Naktong at two principal points against the 9th Infantry; the 2nd Division, three major crossings against the 23d Infantry; and the 10th Division had crossed more troops in the Hill 409 area near Hyŏnp'ung in the 38th Infantry sector.

At 0810 General Keiser telephoned Eighth Army headquarters and reported the situation as he then understood it, indicating that the heaviest and deepest enemy penetrations were in the 9th Infantry sector.