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When the enemy attack broke through the 2nd Battalion, Colonel Champeny ordered the 1st Battalion, about three miles south of Haman on the Chindong-ni road, to counterattack and restore the line. Colonel Roberts, a superior battalion commander, assembled all the men of the disorganized 2nd Battalion he could find-about forty-to join in this counterattack, which got under way at 0730. But it was of short duration. Upon contact with the enemy, the 1st Battalion broke and fled to the rear.

Thus, shortly after daylight the scattered and disorganized men of the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 24th Infantry had fled to the high ground two miles east of Haman. The better part of two regiments of the N.K. 6th Division poured into and through the 3-mile-wide Haman gap. [23-11]